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  • Handicrafts
    Indian native has an extremely rich art custom, recognized by great appearance and mixed art history. Difficult designs, styles, painfully crafted typical monuments, shrines and statues, all are spectacular works of art and craftsmanship. Handicraft is flourishing in the Indian industry because of its rich cultural heritage and diversity. Indian handicraft items ranges from wooden stone, metal, glass, bamboo, cane, clay, terracotta ceramics, and textiles. Majority of its production is exported to different countries.

    There is a huge demand for Indian craft products in the domestic market and as the city of Coimbatore is dominated with the craft industry by small and medium scale enterprises. Handicraft has totally changed the picture of the world. It is true that handicraft products are one of the best decoration items. Despite of these modern technology and advancement India has not lost the charm of its handicraft products.

    As CSF has more rural audience, this would help the Handicrafts industry in Coimbatore and the country to reach its heights. CSF will help to strengthen the appeal of handicrafts and penetrate new markets. CSF will also help in developing a brand identity for the Indian craft sector the city has a rising appreciation for handicrafts by consumers.
  • Furniture
    Furniture is one of the most in-demand durable consumer product in Coimbatore. CSF in its first year plans to have a separate portion for furniture category to display a new range of furniture which is to commence the next era of furniture design. Coimbatore being a well developing city furniture industry has a good market in Coimbatore.

    The boom in the Indian furniture industry has got a lot to do with the growing housing and as Coimbatore has a lot of houses being built due to its developments. 80% of the real estate is into residential and remaining is into commercial such as retail, hospitality, industries, IT & ITeS, Banking, SEZ, etc. The growth in commercial properties in the city is giving thrust to the contract market for their bulk needs.CSF will help you on Exposing to your facilities to its vast audience across the city. CSF will enhance a initial relationships with you And your customers and develop your business in the city.
  • Textiles & Garments
    Textiles & Garments
    Coimbatore popularly known as the Manchester of South India, is known for its cotton & textile mills. Being near to Tirupur popularly known as Knit City and Erode popularly known as the Loom City, the venue is a potential place for textile markets.

    Coimbatore districts textile industry is one the largest and oldest sectors in the country. This is a traditional, robust, well‐established industry catering to the considerable demand from the domestic as well as global markets.

    Many have already invested in this field and the Coimbatore gives you the greatest advantage irrespective of whether you are new or experienced to the market. CSF 2017 gives a wonderful chance of creating awareness about your brand. If you're an already experienced manufacturer the fest will give you the chance of widening your area and also a place to get your seasonal sales.

    CSF acts as an ideal place for the purpose of marketing your textile products because it is the main hub in south India for textile sales.
  • FMCG
    (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
    The Indian FMCG sector is the fourth largest sector in the economy with an estimated size of Rs. 1,300 billion. India is under penetrated in many FMCG With rise in per capita incomes and awareness, the growth potential is huge. CSF bring you the opportunity to exploit your product in the rural market. The FMCG sector has a great opportunity for growth in Coimbatore , because of its incomes, education, urbanization, the advent of modern retail, and a consumption-driven society. The city which has a high consumer goods spending will help you reach the rural market and the large domestic market. CSF 2017 will help your Enhance brand image in the city and connect you with distributors from around the country.

    CSF will provide you to have a great penetration level and wider product range. CSF 2017 not only helps to increase your income but also gives you the ability to display your product and provides a platform to its exhibitors to interact with the consumer and the product. CSF 2017 invites manufactures of FMCG's to exhibit their product and increase its economy in the city.
  • Consumer Durables
    Consumer Durables
    Coimbatore with its vast middle class population and rapid economic growth, is one of the largest spenders in consumer durables. The Coimbatore Shopping Festival allows you to present your products to the big buyer. Although Consumer durable goods have a highly penetrated market in the city, CSF 2017 will help you increase your income levels.

    Demand of consumer durables is at its peak during the festive seasons. As CSF 2017 is to take place during the Christmas and New Year seasons, being a part of it you can be sure of making a sheer profit. The main advantage you have is the rich rural market will to be tapped by you through the festival.
  • Fashion Show
    Fashion Show
    Fashion show is one of the highlights of the Coimbatore Shopping Festival. CSF 2017 gives you an opportunity to witness the latest fashion trends. A wide range of contemporary designers will be emerging with their trendy fashion outfits at the CSF Fashion show, with elaborate sets and added elements such as live music and a variety of technological components. The objective of this fashion show is to provide a unique platform for designers and models from every nook and corner, to groom them, develop and refine their personality to transform them into confident individuals.

    CSF 2017 fashion show is an all-encompassing fashion event, which will cater to the entire fashion fraternity. India's most eminent names in accessory and textiles as well as young and upcoming designers will be a part of the event. Participating designers will showcase their Products lines in Indian, Indo-Western and Western categories on the ramp.

    Fashion Show during CSF, will provide you with the most important information for the new season, and help you to order more effectively.
  • Automobiles
    The automobile industry in India is one of the larger markets in the world and had previously been one of the fastest growing sectors globally. Coimbatore is home to a vibrant auto industry with investments of over multimillion dollar investments and turnover. The City is the hub of most of the small and medium scale manufacturing units of the Indian automobile industry, and also a base for India's automobile R&D. Coimbatore has a large share in export trade of auto parts and components to the world renowned automobile giants globally and also fuelling automobile manufactures located in the Detroit of India. With a motive of increasing its market in India CSF 2017 endows with manufactures to display their automotives.

    CSF 2017 endues its audiences with the latest inventions that are flashed and associates the consumer and the manufacture confer with each other. The motive is to give distinctive & impartial reviews that help automotive enthusiasts take prudent decisions, save money on ownership, get the most out of their cars.
  • Computer & Electronics
    Computer & Electronics
    The consumer electronics industry has witnessed a unique growth in Coimbatore over the past few years. This growth can be attributed to the increasing effect of state of art electronic devices in the market and the convergence of electronics. These fast growing industries build themselves by inventing and showcasing their electronic gadgets which function in more than one way to the consumer.

    It is not only the production of these gadgets that help in the manufacturer's development but also the presentation to the public. The Coimbatore Shopping Festival (CSF 2017) will be the fest at such a large level and will attract the whole of Coimbatore to it thus acting as a magnificent event to view your new products.

    As the event is going to take place during the new-year season, the fest will bring in a lot of people and help establishing your brand's name and increase your seasonal sales.
  • Jewellery
    Jewellery is one of the most popular of durable goods that exists in our society. Many types of jewels have been made to embellish people around the globe. Since the term jewel was coined it has been in the market and audiences have always looked for new and international designs.

    Manufacturers who wish to sell commodities look for ideal places to establish their market and the Coimbatore Shopping Fest (CSF 2017) is one such place that serves this purpose. Coimbatore has proved to be a good market place for jewelers of all genres and the city has many people competent in getting their hands on the newly cut designs which makes it a perfect place to exhibit your creation.

    If you are a marketer interested in showcasing your products and establishing yourself or an already established manufacturer, the CSF 2017 is the place you have been looking for.

    CSF will be an excellent platform to present new collections, to attract potential customers and business contacts. Here you can exhibit your merchandise where the people from this extensively developing city can come to witness you. Coimbatore being near districts like Tirupur (Knit City) and Erode (Loom City) will also attract a crowd form its neighbors thus giving you a wide reach.
  • Food Festival
    Food Festival
    The wait is over and it's now time to gear up to indulge in the flavors from all over the world. The Coimbatore Shopping Fest 2017 has organized a food festival that will allow you to gorge on some of the best street food from across the globe. Enjoy the myriad flavors of the top-notch cuisine under hygienic conditions at economical rates. CSF 2017 will be presenting you with some gastronomic delights and that puts the sphere on Platter, bringing you an opportunity to taste all the delicacies under one roof. You can get a wide variety of food offerings such as Chinese, Mediterranean, Indian and East Asian food

    From kothu parotta and kuzhi paniyaram to spaghetti and Pasta; from Chinese noodles to varieties of fried rice, meen curry and makki di roti, you name it, and we'll have it served up, piping hot and fresh!
  • Entertainment & Events
    Entertainment & Events
    In Coimbatore Shopping Fest (CSF 2017), Entertainment Events are the ultimate attraction for people of all ages. Events like Horse Riding, Pottery, Musical Nights, Fun filled Games/Sports, Steet Free-Style Stunt Show & many more to entertain Coimbatore.